Born in Istanbul, where the most established jewelry masters have trained, Bodhita thrives in the hands of the same masters. 

With attention to all ethical values, Bodhita processes recycled precious – semiprecious metals with a sustainable production approach. Designs carrying universal values crafted in hand with local techniques. Every piece we carry on our bodies turns into shared tales of humanity. Grandiose craft in execution is carried into tomorrow with the memories and feelings of each of us. Bodhita does not produce specific kinds of “isolated designs” but the ones that accompany culture’s journey through time. Determined by their weights and sizes; poured, soldered and recycled silver and 925K bronze parts that complete the designs are coated with layers of micron gold varying thickness between 18 to 24 carats. Coating, with transparent lacquer application after heat treatment provides protection against external impacts and surface deformations.

The search for fair and accurate resources which is a complex process, seeks to support the production chain with research, planning and implementations for sustainable production. Gracefully evoking the consciousness of a sustainable world, this attitude blends the spirit of tomorrow with the spirit of today, for the future.