Bodhita means spiritual enlightenment in Pali, which is considered to be a sacred language. Design elements derived from the Turkish and Western cultures’ interaction with the Indian philosopy, from which it gets its name and inspiration, are universal. It embodies the stories, tales and legends through It’s collections and glorifies with the mastery of local artisan. Every crafted piece embraces the past with the spirit of today – “zeitgeist”. 

Bodhita represents spiritual enlightenment and rebirth with the Phoenix, a symbol of ‘life’. This semantic integrity established between the distant and natural human with the supernatural phoenix, makes them parts of the same world.

It accompanies women who breaks geographical stereotypes, who knows what and who they are, who reborns while living, who decides their own transformation, who finds power to meet the needs of their soul yet in themselves on their journey to every unknown, unique and new day.