Life is much more than a journey we are born once at the beginning... We are constantly transforming as we live and are reborn in every transformation.


 Bodhita means rebirth in the Indian language. It also tells about the liberation of the soul, escaping from the monotony and routine of life.


  The founder and designer of the brand Erge Başak Ünsal, after graduating from the Department of Business Administration at Istanbul Bilgi University, stepped into corporate life but continued to nurture the creativity within herself.


 She decided to went professional and turn her jewelry design hobby into a brand, she created her brand Bodhita in August, 2018. Thus, she made the idea of the brand she has been dreaming of for many years a reality.


 She designs all the pieces, which she creates using gold, silver, bronze, semi-precious and precious stones, and displays her handmade products in her showroom in Bebek, Istanbul and at different sales points.